EuroMillions record-breaking £167 million lottery!

Are you dreaming of becoming a multi-millionaire? Now is your chance! EuroMillions has a record-breaking jackpot of £167 million!    There were no winners from the Tuesday 24 September draw, meaning you’ll have another chance at winning the jackpot on Friday 27 September.    If one person wins the jackpot, it will make them the […]

Vicky’s Life Changing Lottery Win!

After checking her email early in the morning, Vicky shoved her phone in her partner Adam’s face exclaiming she had won the lottery. Adam, half-asleep replied, “What, a pound?”; “No, look, look, look!” Vicky shouted showing Adam that she had indeed won Set for Life. So what exactly is Vicky’s big lottery win? £10,000 a […]

National Lottery Winner Loses Chance at £1m Prize!

Everyone has dreamt of being a lottery winner, but for one lucky (or unlucky) person that won back in March 2019 their time is up to claim their prize.   According to The National Lottery rules, lottery winners have 180 days from the draw date to claim their prizes. The draw in question is Lotto Draw 2421 drawn […]

Lottery Statistics – It’s all in the numbers.

Winning the Lotto is all about the numbers. And there are probably just as many different ways to choose your numbers as there are dollars to be won. From the weird to the wonderful, many players have their own number choosing method they swear by. The sentimental player might use their kids’ birthdays to decide […]

Where does the lottery money go and who are you helping?

Lotteries are run to benefit the lucky players and raise funds for worthy causes. While proceeds of the lotteries go to a variety of different charities and societies, you can be sure that with every purchase you are helping a cause – and have a chance to win great prizes! National Lottery Funds from the […]

What Exactly Happens When You Win EuroMillions or National Lottery?

One of the most common questions we get asked at is what actually happens if I win? Well, you’re in luck, because Andy Carter, the Senior Winners Advisor at Camelot has given his top tips to new lotto winners in a recent interview with Wales Online.   My numbers have come up, now what […]