News Observer columnist Barry Saunders applauds California Gov

But Judge Wilson dissent said the majority own footnotes cast doubt on its holding. The majority said its opinion does not moot cases in which plaintiffs have only claimed nominal damages because such damages are the only remedy for those plaintiffs unlike the sex toy plaintiffs, who prevailed in overturning the law. The dissent suggested […]

Can you imagine one situation? After a long working day

I just read your Ben WAAAH balls review and enjoyed it immensely! Then I realized we haven’t seen you around here lately (have we?) What’s up with you, chica? Maybe you’re just busty with school, but stop on by and say hello! If you don’t know dildos, Stormy is gone and we are all on […]

After decades of devastation and loss on both sides

Mr. Ventimiglia: I’m back to work, on the set of “Heroes.” We’re five episodes in already five of 18 episodes. By the time we’re back on air, we should be done with the whole thing. Actress Meredith Baxter is 69. Actor Michael Gross is 69. Rock musician Joe Molland (Badfinger) is 69. We are learning, […]

People respect those who show excellence in any field

What if you plugged, say, a slow cooker into it and went for a walk? “Maybe it would burn your house down. Or burn your children. Or maybe nothing would happen.”It’s not worth gambling to save a few dollars.Counterfeiting has long been a problem for Canada Goose Inc., which manufactures high quality and pricey parkas. […]

I really don’t think I’m breaking new ground with this

Ok thank for explaining that, but if your name is rely rely comon name like Michael Smith can you oun the name like what happened in the case of McDonalds it seems like not fair, for alot of people sex toys, when someone have dibs, because he is the oldest one. I believe issues only […]

For the record, “replace white with ____” style arguments

They are making a lot of the standard mistakes I see such as no wall or ceiling insulation. Sticking the meter box on a piece of unsealed plywood on the outside wall and various little things that are admittedly just my opinion as to their quality. Any comment saying all X in X country will […]